Helping People

Almost Homeless

Please help us reach other potential donors by sharing the link. Family, I know you all got your own things going on. But, I’m counting on you to please just share it also. Just trying to ensure a roof over our head. With only so much income coming in right now, it just barely covers these motel rates. This hotel/motel life can get really expensive making it a challenge to save for an apartment. We just didnt have enough time to come up with what we needed to get into a place before we had to move and everywhere we tried didnt have openings til August. We are hoping to get into one of those places by then. On behalf of Mozart, Aisea, and myself, Thank you to all who have contributed and taken a minute to just share the link. I’m not asking anyone who has already contributed to donate again. Your one time donation was more than enough. But if you can continue to share the link also, I would sure appreciate it. The more people that it reaches the better.


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